Ice Cream

Single Cone $4.25
Double Cone $5.25
3 Scoops Cone $6.25
Single Cup $4.25
Double Cup $5.25
3 Scoops Cup $6.25


Vanilla Rainbow Sherbet
Chocolate Lemon Ice
Strawberry Butter Pecan
Cookies n' Cream Cotton Candy
Superman Butterscotch Bomb
Cookie Dough Pistachio
Birthday Cake Stellar Coffee
Mint Chip Flavor of the Month


Soda Float


Hand-Spun Milkshakes


Classic: Vanilla, Chocolate, or strawberry blended until smooth $5.99
Malt: Vanilla, Chocolate, or strawberry with malt syrup blended until smooth. $5.99
Regular:  Scoops of your choice ice cream blended with milk until smooth. $5.99
Thin Mint Shake: Scoops of rich chocolate ice cream combined with cool mint chocolate chip for a minty chocolate creation $5.99
Java Buzz: Smooth Coffee Ice cream with cookies N Cream and chocolate syrup for a quick cookie pick me up $5.99
Chocolate Covered Strawberry: Chocolate and strawberry ice cream swirled together for a classic sensation $5.99

All Milkshakes are hand-spun to order and finished with whipped cream